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If you're concerned (as we are) about fake majolica out in the marketplace--Please visit our newest features: The Featured Fake of the Month and the Fake Watch Page!

Each week we will be taking a close look at one fake or repro and each month we will be adding at least 4 more "fake finds" to the Fake Watch page.  Each of these fakes or repros are currently available in wholesaler's catalogs or have been in the recent past and can be found now in various retail outlets.  We hope that YOU will help us out by reporting any fake or repro majolica that you run across!


We have been in business since 2000, and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with unique antique majolica and other art pottery of the highest caliber and personal service that is second to none. We are specialists--you'll find no cartoon glasses from the 70's here, or collectible McDonald's toys--only pottery, and only the best...and 99 percent of it is antique French or Austrian majolica.  That is our passion, and it is that which we seek to share with you.

Antique French Majolica Delphin Massier Art Nouveau Garniture Set

We take great pride in offering you a wide assortment of antique French majolica from such esteemed faienceries as Massier, Sarreguemines, Frie-Onnaing, and St. Clement (and many, many others!).  If your taste runs more to the intricate detail of antique Austrian majolica, you'll find plenty here from the likes of the Eichwald pottery of Bernhard Bloch, Gerbing & Stephan, Julius Dressler, and Wilhelm Schiller.  

We also hope you'll stop in and visit our Library where we have articles about antique French majolica, marks tables, and much more.  We hope to make this YOUR site for information on continental European majolica and have many new features we plan to add in the near future.  So bookmark us and check back often as new features are added.

We look forward to a long and happy relationship with you!

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Introducing the newest feature
at Shantique Gallery:
The Featured Fake of the Month Page
Minton Majolica Cherub Master Salt
Fake Minton Majolica Cherub Master Salt

Here's another famous Minton piece that the fake-makers have chosen for their efforts.  They are doing a bit better on this one than on some of the others they've copied--at least they've tried to use colors commonly found on antique majolica.  Note that this fake-maker's mold is doing double duty: they are making a fake Minton majolica sweetmeat and adding some flowers to the top, glazing it in cream, and putting a fake...Read More

Looking for information on antique French and Austrian majolica?

Visit our Library for articles about Sarreguemines pottery, majolica character pitchers, tables of French pottery marks (including Sarreguemines), spotting fakes & repros, and much more...with even more to come in the future.

Be sure to visit our latest addition to the Shantique Gallery Library--The Majolica Fake Watch Page.  We will be updating this page weekly and will maintain all past Fake Watch Pages and Featured Fakes of the Week in an archive in the library for your reference.