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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a Layaway Plan?
Yes, we offer a 90 or 120 day Layaway Program for any individual item with a minimum purchase price of $200.00.  A 25% non-refundable initial deposit is required, followed by equal monthly payments until the item is paid for in full.  To see a complete copy of our Layaway Agreement, click here.

Can I buy a gift certificate to Shantique Gallery?
Absolutely!  Gift certificates are available in $25.00 increments and in traditional or e-mail format.  Our traditional gift certificate is an attractive engraved certificate on heavy vellum and comes with its own matching presentation envelope.  To see what it looks like, click here.  For the more cyber-minded, we offer an e-mail gift certificate, a copy of which can be viewed here.  To order gift certificates, see the link at the top of the page, or you can get there from here.

Do you have a "brick and mortar" store I can visit?
This website is our only "store", but we welcome our clients to make an appointment to view our showroom where approximately 50% of our inventory is displayed.  If you are in the Chicago area and would like to visit, please call us at 1-630-289-4711 to make an appointment.  We are sorry, but we are unable to accomodate visitors without an appointment.  Also, please bear in mind that we make frequent, extended buying trips out of the country, during which our showroom is closed.

Do you ever have "clearance sales"?
Yes, we do.  Twice a year, once in April and once in October, we offer selected items for auction on Ebay with all pieces opening with a starting bid of $9.99.  We maintain a mailing list for clients that wish to be notified of upcoming "clearance" auctions.  If you would like to be added to this list, send us an email at and we will notify you one week before each clearance auction.

Can I have my purchase repaired or restored by you?
We do not offer an in-house repair or restoration service due to the extended period of time needed to make many repairs or restorations.  (It is not unusual for a professional restoration to take several months, or even as long as a year.)  We do have several professional restorers around the country whose work we respect and to whom we would be happy to refer you.  Also consult our Links page for restorers in your area.

My purchase is a gift for someone else.  Can I have it sent to them directly?
Certainly!  Simply provide us with the appropriate shipping address and we will ship it to your designated recipient with a gift receipt (no $ amount shown) and attractively boxed.  Full "gift service", consisting of luxury wrapping paper, satin ribbon, and an enclosure card with your sentiments expressed, is available for $5.00 per package.  See an example of our "gift service" here.

Do you offer a "dealer discount"?
Yes, a discount is available to verified dealers and designers.  Please contact us for details.

How will you package my purchase for shipment?
We take great pains to package your item to withstand the rigors of shipping.  All purchases are wrapped first in tissue paper, then a layer (or two) of small bubblewrap, followed by a layer (or two) of large bubble wrap. (More if the item is very large.)  Then it is boxed in a heavy corrugated cardboard inner box, which is then placed in a larger shipping box with plenty of cushioning material all around.  We have shipped literally thousands of packages this way and so far have experienced breakage only twice: once when a Post Office forklift punctured the box, and once when the package had been run over by a truck (there were tire marks visible on the box!).

Can you hold something for me until next Friday (or payday, etc.)?
We can hold an item with no deposit for 3 days.  If you need it held longer than that, you might want to consider our Layaway Plan.

Do you guarantee the authenticity of the pieces you sell?
We stand firmly behind everything we sell.  In  the unlikely event that there's a discrepancy between your item and the description and/or photos, please refer to our return policy.

My package hasn't arrived yet--what should I do?
Please don't be too concerned.  Delivery can be delayed for a multitude of reasons...bad weather en route to you, a plane's late arrival, high volume period with the shipper.  All packages are sent with Delivery and/or Signature Confirmation so you can check on it at the USPS website.  Or you can email us with any questions or concerns and we'll gladly investigate from our end.  In the very rare event that your package truly is lost, we will promptly refund you your full payment.  In eight years, we have not yet had a single package lost, so hopefully, this will never be a concern for any of our clients!

I have some majolica (or faience, or other pottery) I'd like to sell, can I contact you about it?
Certainly.  We are always interested in purchasing majolica (and other types of pottery).  Contact us by email at to inquire further and for instructions on photos and information we would need to see prior to considering any sort of purchase. 

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A Sampling of Antique Victorian Majolica from the Shantique Gallery Shop

Antique Austrian Majolica Dragon Cache Pot
Antique Austrian Majolica Dragon Cache Pot
This stunning antique Austrian majolica cache pot features...I have no doubt that this is Austrian, and from one of the major art potteries there, like Wilhelm Schiller, Bernhard Bloch, or Gerbing & Stephan. In fact, it bears a remarkable resemblance...See the item
Antique French Majolica Massier Cicada Vase
Antique French Majolica Massier Cicada Vallauris Vase
I have a superb vase for you here, done in one of the favorite motifs of the Massier family, and in fact, the area of Vallauris as a whole-the applied cicada. It was made at the turn of the century by the renowned French artist Jèrôme Massier. The Massier family of Vallauris...See the item
Antique English Victorian Majolica Reticulated Pink Vase
Antique English Victorian Majolica Reticulated Pink Vase
I am very pleased to offer this splendid example of English Victorian majolica. This double-handled vase is glazed predominantly in deep rose pink and a warm honey brown. A central panel glazed in white features a bouquet of flowers in cornflower blue, pink, and yellow. Robin's egg blue medallions accent the body and scrollwork around the lip. I see this pattern with some frequency...See the item
Antique French Majolica Delphin Massier Iris Vase
Antique French Majolica Delphin Massier Iris Form Vase
This is undoubtedly one of the most stunning pieces I've had the pleasure to own. It was made at the turn of the century by the renowned French artist Delphin Massier. The Massier family of Vallauris, France, is world famous for their high-quality art pottery and majolica produced first by the father, Jacques (1806-1871), whose sons Delphin, Clement, and Jérôme followed in his ...See the item

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