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Here you'll find articles and other information of general interest to pottery collectors, as well as specific topics of interest for majolica collectors (Of course, with a special emphasis on French and Austrian majolica!).  There are tips for spotting fakes and reproductions, tables of manufacturers marks & dates, histories of famous manufacturers and products.  There's even a bit of general history (but just a bit, I promise!) 

The Library is divided into three main areas--
1.  General Interest where you'll find such things as general histories, fake & reproduction information, etc.,
2.  Dates & Marks where you'll find tables of manufacturers marks and the dates of usage.
3.  Manufacturer Info where you'll find history and information on specific producers.

This Library is a work in progress, and many more articles and information pages are already in the pipeline.  We welcome any suggestions you might have for future articles--we want this to be YOUR library!  So please, don't be shy...if there's a topic you would like to see covered, let us know by making your suggestion here!

General Pottery Interest

Manufacturer Marks & Dates

Table of Sarreguemines Impressed Marks on Majolica

Table of Sarreguemines Printed Marks on Majolica

Manufacturer History & Info

A Sneak Peak of Features to Come...

♦  Faience, Maiolica, & Majolica: What They Are, How They're Similar and How They Differ

♦  A Brief History of St. Clement Majolica and Their Marks

♦  St. Clement, Lúneville and Keller & Guerin Marks Page

♦  A Brief History of Frie-Onnaing Majolica

♦  Frie-Onnaing Majolica Marks & Catalog Page

♦  Majolica Fake & Reproduction Watch Page - DONE 8/29/08

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Monumental Antique Austrian Majolica Applied Poppies Vase
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