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Found something you like in the Shantique Gallery Shop at Ruby Lane and want to buy it?  It's easy...

Just follow these five simple steps and look for the big orange arrows in the illustrations below!

(If you'd like to print these instructions, there's a link to a printable version at the bottom of the page.)

Uncomfortable ordering online? We're also happy to take your order over the phone at 1-630-289-4711 or by email at  Just let us know the item number and how you'd like to pay for it and we can go from there!

1.  From the item page in Shantique Gallery at Ruby Lane add the item you wish to purchase to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to Shopping Cart" button at the top righthand side of your screen as shown below.

Checkout Photo 1

2.  On the next screen you'll have the opportunity to review and edit the contents of your shopping cart by deleting unwanted items or changing quantities.  You can then either proceed to Checkout by clicking either the "Checkout All" or "Checkout Selected" button or continue shopping by clicking the "Continue Shopping" link at the bottom left side of your screen. 

(After you have selected either "Checkout All" or "Checkout Selected", you may be prompted to sign in to Ruby Lane or register if you haven't already done so. After signing in or registering you will be returned to the Checkout Page.)

Checkout Photo 2

3.  The "Checkout All" or "Checkout Selected" buttons next take you to the final Checkout page, which is divided into 3 main parts. 

3a. The first part consists of your name & email address (you have a chance to edit your email here), a review of your items and prices, including any shipping charge that might be applicable.  (This applies only to international shipping or expedited domestic shipping.  All other shipping is free.)

Checkout Photo 3

3b. The second part of the Checkout Page as you scroll downwards lists your billing address and your shipping address, as well as a spot to send me specific instructions. Both addresses shown are editable.

If you are paying with a Credit Card, be sure that the billing address shown here matches the one on file with your credit card. If they don't match, your Credit Card will deny the charge.

If you want this sent to an address different from your billing address, or if this is a gift you wish sent directly to the recipient, you'll need to edit the shipping address.

If you have special instructions, such as "Please do not ship until the 10th," or "Do not leave at door," etc., this is the place to tell me!

Checkout Photo 4

3c.  At the bottom portion of the "Checkout Page" you make your selection for payment method.  You can pay online with either a bank account or credit card through Paypal without being a Paypal member.  Alternatively, we accept all traditional methods of payment such as personal checks, money orders, and credit cards which we process internally.  If you wish to pay with a Shantique Gallery Gift Certificate, please choose "Cash" as your payment option.  After you have chosen your payment option, press the "Purchase Now" button to continue. 

Checkout Photo 5

4.  The next screen you'll see after clicking the "Purchase Now" button is a "Thank You" screen.  At this point you have officially issued a Purchase Order for the item and it has been marked "Sale Pending" in the shop, so no one else can buy it at this time.  The Purchase Order # can be seen on this page as shown below. 

Now, all that's left to do is pay for your item!  To do this, click on the "My Account" link at the top of the "Thank You" page, as shown below. 

Checkout Photo 6

5.  From your "My Accounts" page, you can view your purchase order by clicking on the "Purchase Orders" in the Pending Activity category on the right hand side of your screen as shown below.  Shantique Gallery will be in contact with you by email within 24 hours of receiving your order.

We do offer a secure site for transmittal of credit card information.  If you have opted to pay by credit card and wish to pay on-line, you will be provided a link to our secure site in the email.  Of course, if you prefer to complete the transaction by phone or email, we are more than happy to process your order that way, too!

Checkout Photo 7
Printable Version

Want to order a Shantique Gallery Gift Certificate?

gift certificate

We offer an attractive traditional gift certificate printed on high-quality linen paper with its own presentation envelope or for the more cyber-minded, we also offer an email gift certificate. Click the certificate above (or here) to have a closer look.  To order, just go to our Gift Certificate page or email us at 

A Sampling of Antique Majolica and Art Pottery from the Shantique Gallery Shop...

Antique French Desvres Faience Figural Cat

Antique French Desvres Faience Figural Cat

This adorable figural French faience cat was made in the well-known pottery town of Desvres in France. He is decorated in the typical colors and schemes for which Desvres is known. It likely dates to the 1910's or early 1920's. He measures 5 ½" tall, 3 ½" long, and 2 ¾" from front to back...See the item

Antique German Majolica Platter

Antique German Majolica Bird & Grapes Platter
This popular pattern in German Majolica was originally made by Georg Schmider of Zell am Hammersbach around the turn of the century and well into the 20’s. The pattern remained quite popular and continued to be produced by a variety of potteries. Pieces made after WWII can be...See the item

Antique French Majolica Frie Onnaing Jardiniere

Antique French Majolica Frie Onnaing Grapevine Jardiniere
This classic styled jardinière was made by the renowned French faiencerie, Frie-Onnaing, in the north of France sometime between 1880 and 1910. It demonstrates perfectly why the company, Frie-Onnaing...
See the item

Antique French Majolica Orchies Asparagus Plate

Antique French Majolica Orchies Asparagus Plate
This Louis XV style asparagus dish has three wells, 2 for the vegetables and one for the sauce. It is glazed in shades of chocolate brown, deep green, and pink with white and purple asparagus. It measures 10” in diameter and stands 1 ¼” tall. This is an early example of the stunning work of Orchies, near Lille, and dates to the late 1880’s. It is in superb condition with no chips, cracks, hairlines, repairs, etc...See the Item


Antique Austrian Majolica Tyrolean Man Figural Humidor
I am very pleased to offer this superb example of a Victorian figural majolica humidor-in the guise of a man in Tyrolean garb. Similar pieces, no doubt made by the same manufacturer as this one, can be seen on page 47 of Jeffrey B. Snyder's Marvelous Majolica...See the item

Antique French Majolica Garnissage Jardiniere

Antique French Majolica Art Nouveau Garnissage Jardiniere
This stunning antique French majolica jardinière dates to between 1890 and 1914, and it is so very Art Nouveau with its naturalistic flowers, clean confectionery-like colors and gentle, fluid lines. The main body of the jardinière is glazed in an ombre aqua that shades to dark green...See the item